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Rick and MelissaHello, and welcome to Hiker Logic. This website is the realization of a vision shared by myself, Rick D’Haene, and my partner Melissa. We have always held a passion for the outdoors and nature in general. Over the years this burning passion has been fueled by the bountiful sights, sounds, and experiences which the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Residing in Bellingham, Washington, we’ve traveled, hiked, and camped all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and BC Canada. These experiences have left us in awe of our surroundings and eager to explore more. But with so many options to choose from we started looking for personal recommendations. Some friends, a few colleagues, and a couple bloggers have helped us decide where we vacation, hike, and camp. These recommendations have lead to some of the best experiences of our lives.

Through Hiker Logic, our aim is to share information and experiences from people who have actually visited the trails. We want our readers to be able to read a first-hand account, hear the sounds of nature, and see the trail as they would if they chose to hike it themselves. We believe this is the best way to convey the experience of a specific hike or trail.

Upcoming Activities

View our list of upcoming activities. We have hikes, kayaking trips, and camping trips planned all over the Pacific Northwest.

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